Critical Thinking Crisis

I’ve been thinking a lot about the attitudes of the general public. Seeing opinions represented by the behavior of my friends and family. How their language shifts in times of mainstream conflict or discussion.  Currently, Americans seem to be in total disagreement about what is going on in the world around them. How to handleContinue reading “Critical Thinking Crisis”

Leesta Vall Shut-In Sessions

Recently, I was partnered up with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings for a project they started called “Shut-In Sessions”. It’s designed to help generate income for artists affected by Covid-19 by allowing them to record personalized music and pressing it to vinyl. I’ve been sharing this information with anyone who may be interested, but would likeContinue reading “Leesta Vall Shut-In Sessions”

Online Lessons through

I’ve started teaching via online conference call through the company I encourage anyone who is a private lessons instructor to consider checking out their platform and applying to get students. They have a good base and have very comprehensive liability control. I spent 20 bucks on a background check and got certified via theirContinue reading “Online Lessons through”