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I’ve compiled some old recordings that I’ve made as well as some from projects that are no longer active. I am thinking about releasing them on this site as there isn’t an appropriate way to do so on major streaming platforms. The artists involved will have permission granted to me where necessary to stream or download. If you are interested in home-fi indie music, you will probably enjoy some of this stuff.

The first few records I want to upload are from a band that Elliott Cotten (The Cosmic Farmer, American Lions,) and I played in called “and unto you… A Ghost Is Born”. The band was affectionately called “AGIB” for short (having 7 words, an ellipses, and mixed title scheme in a single band name was a topic of debate pretty often). The two compilations are a self-titled demo, and a somewhat “lost” EP recorded by James Velek (American Lions) at a home studio called “The Mansion” in Conway, AR the following year. These were believed to be inaccessible for almost a decade until they were recovered from an archive by Robert Shepherd (The Throbbing Testicles). After mastering them akin to vintage hard rock, the recordings resemble something more of a “found footage” concept album than the dry bounces that never saw the light of day. I’m calling them “The Mansion Tapes”.

When I upload those recordings, I’ll go into greater detail about the history of the group and the process behind the sessions. They are pretty interesting stories and produced some interesting sounds as a result.

Check back regularly for updates and let me know if there is something you’d like to hear or share.


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